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If you hold a private pilots licence and like to fly somewhere different, there are quite a few aero clubs and flying schools that are easily accessible in or near to a lot of popular European tourist holiday destinations. The only problem is finding the contact details before you leave home.Having said that, I have just turned up at a few places and managed to book to go late,however some prep work and a telephone call before hand can avoid being disapointed or a wasted journey.
I always go with an instructor,it's safer to have someone with local knowledge,and who can speak the language and file the flight plan for you.In Majorca my instructor was a local lass about 23 wearing a tight T shirt and shorts,not quite my wife's idea of a chap in a navy jacket!
Generally hourly rates in Europe are slightly higher than in the UK,more so in Italy.It is unlikely your holiday insurance would cover you in the event of an accident so take care, make sure you and your instructor understand each other before you take off. Enjoy the experiance and don't forget your camera.