Cessna 172 Flying Son Bonet Majorca

This was my first experiance flying outside the UK. I had seen an advertisement in Pilot magazine for Megan Aviation, a school flying out of Son Bonet. Son Bonet is a couple of kilometres just of the ring road around the capital city Palma,it has a single tarmac runway and at the time no air traffic control, just a unicom frequency to make blind calls on.
This flight was over ten years ago and Megan stopped advertising a coupple of years later. I hired a C172 and safety pilot, a young Spainish lass, my wife Gillian was not to happy when I departed to the Megan's breifing room just 100m off site leaving her in the car alone.
Our route took us north to the coast at S'Arxiduc and west along the coast to the south west tip of the island before returning along the southern coast via Camp de Mar then back to Palma. Turbulance over the hot land was quite bad so most of the trip was over the water, very spectacular flying at cliff top height along the coastline, but my wife in the back was not too impressed, she cannot swim. Back at Son Bonet the updraft from the runway's hot tarmac was some what alarming, I bounced the landing and ended up going around.
Overall a very enjoyable flight but my wife hated it, too much turbulance and too much water. My tip would be to avoid flying around mid day in the heat and avoid too much waiting time for your passengers.