Drake 2B Amateur Band HF Receiver

Internal View
The chassis is copper plated steel,in many receivers of this age rust breaks throught the thin layer of copper.In this example the rust was so bad that the top surface of the chassis has been painted with copper colour crinckle finish Hammerite paint.
The original HT smoothing capacitors which would have been in a single can have been replaced by individual capacitors.

Valve line up : 6BZ6 RF Amplifier,6U8 crystal controlled 1st mixer,6BE6 VFO controlled 2nd Converter,6BE6 fixed frequency 3rd converter,6BA6 50KHz IF amplifier,6BE6 Product detector & BFO,8BN8 1st audio amplifier,bias rectifier and AM noise limiter, 6AQ5 audio amplifier,6BF6 AVC amplifier-diode detector & AGC rectifier,6X4 HT rectifier.