Yaesu Musen FLDX400 Transmitter General View Front panel

The FLDX400 transmitter dates from the early 70's. It is a hybrid valve/transistor design to cover all of the HF amateur bands 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m,10m.
The transmiter has a 240Vac mains power unit built in. The design caters SSB modes upper and lower sideband, CW, AM & FSK. The transmitter power output is 240 Watts P.E.P or 75Watts on AM.
Size 37cm wide, 19 cm high, & 32 cm deep. It's heavy, about 18Kg

The valve line up is:
6JS6C (x2) PA output valves
12BY7A P.A Driver
6AW8A Upconverter Oscillator & Mixer
6BA6 9MHz IF amplifier
6CB6 VFO mixer
12AU7 Sidebband Oscillator
6U8 Carrier Oscillator & Vox antitrip amplifier
6U8 Vox amplifier and relay driver 6AN8 Spech amplifier

Solida state devices
2SC372 VFO
3SK22G VFO buffer
1S1007 x4 balance modulator
1S1007 output recifier
SH-1 x2 ALC control
SH-1 Bias rectifier
SD-1 x4 power rectifiers